Edging, Decorative Rock/Mulch, Plantings and Boulders

Edging. When selecting the edging, decorative rock/mulch and plantings consider the elements and surroundings that they are going to endure. The edging serves as a barrier between the lawn and the landscape bed. Here are some choices of edging we install: black poly, steel, bullets, concrete curbing, natural stone, and a natural edge.

Decorative rock and mulch have their advantages and disadvantages for planting beds. Both rock and mulch can be extremely beneficial with the right application. Decorative Rock tends to be more permanent and not having to be replenished in comparison to mulch.  However, rock should not be applied to areas that need constant upkeep. Some rock can also reflect heat that can be detrimental to plants.  When rock is installed for the proper elements and surroundings it can add a beautiful touch to your landscape. Decorative Mulch is the most common choice used in planting beds. Mulch comes in a variety of colors and textures that can soften your hardscape areas.  Mulch requires more maintenance because it decomposes and discolors over time. Plastic or fabric is not needed under the mulch, so we recommend using Preen, which is a granular product, twice a year to prevent new weed growth.  Although mulch needs to be top dressed every few years, it retains moisture and adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.

Plantings. When making plant selections the designers at Creative Environments Landscaping all the elements, surroundings and your lifestyle. Trees and shrubs can screen unsightly views, improve energy efficiency, and provide focal points in the landscape. Your landscape can be transformed into a functional and colorful display throughout the seasons.

Boulders are used as an accent to create dimension to the landscape. The colors, sizes and textures within the boulders are used to compliment and contrast from its surroundings.


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