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Walkways are an important element in today’s landscape. They enhance the beauty and unify landscape designs, while providing access to front entryways, patio areas, and through gardens. Walkways can utilize a range of materials such as concrete pavers, natural stone, clay pavers and brick pavers. They can be as complex or simple depending on the materials, patterns, or feel your trying to achieve.  Edging and lighting can be added to give extra guidance and definition to walkways.

Patios that are well designed become the focal point of your new landscape. A patio can offer an outdoor space that creates a comfortable environment for any occasion throughout the day and evening. These spaces can be square, rectangle, circular or a series of interconnected shapes that work together as a whole. The same materials used for patios are similar to walkways: concrete pavers, natural stone, clay pavers and brick pavers. Our talented designers can utilize various material shapes, sizes, colors and textures to create unique banding, borders, and inlays. These design elements define certain areas and add focal points to your patio. Patios that are complimented by plantings and beds can make the area private and relaxing feeling.

Driveways can be more than just a straight path to the garage. A well design and layout will enhance the curb appeal and definition to your home. The longevity of a paver driveway will outlast any concrete or asphalt driveway as well as less maintenance. A person can make a bold statement or draw people in through the use of banding, borders, or inlays. 

Whatever you choose, Creative Environments Landscaping can design and build a custom walkway, patio or driveway specifically to fit your wants and needs that will last for years to come!


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